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Simple Storage Solution to Save Your Time

Customers testimonies

Great to hang the toys out of the bathtub where they can drip the water out of them so they do not mold. I like how it keeps my tub organized as well and i dont have to worry about stepping on them when i want to take a shower.
- Alicia

My baby loves the toys that came with this bath toy organizer! He squeals and splashes at them for the whole bath and then insists on taking one out with us while I get him dressed. I love that they keep the toys up off the floor/bottom of tub and allows them to dry so my baby isn't around mildew or mold. The bags hang on the tile wall and drip dry into the tub. The bags look like they could be thrown in the washing machine for a routine cleaning.
- Mandy

This big mesh bag is big enough for any toys we would want in our shower, much bigger than the last mesh bag I had (see photo). The suction cups took a few minutes to get in a good spot because my tile is slightly textured. But when it was in a good place, it hung strong on the shower wall and did not fall off when we got into the bag. I feel like the bag is made better than the other mesh bags that I have used in the past that fell apart and this bag is washable as well. The squirt toys are really cute and my son adores them. As long as you properly care for the squirt toys, I don't think they will be an issue as far as mold goes. Overall, we are very happy with this bag and the toys, as well as the list of fun bath time activities from the Moriberry website. We would recommend this to help wrangle bath tub clutter.


When I opened my new bath toy bags I was pleasantly surprised by how big the bags were. I was actually really impressed by the size of them.They are 13.5" x 17.5" which is almost twice the size of my old bags. I put one in each of my bathrooms because one was large enough. I had originally planned on putting them both in the same bathroom, but that was unnecessary after opening. The main problem I had was with the unruly suction cups. It took a lot of patience to finally get them to adhere to my tile shower walls. Once securely fastened they held up all of my daughter's toys without a problem, but it did take much more time and patience than a lot of people, my husband included care to give.
And just in case I was at a loss for things to do in the bath there is a free E-book included with my purchase. It's a list of fun bath time activities, I can always use a bit more fun in my life.

These are so awesome for your childs bath toys. It keeps them up and clean. For the longest time I did not have one of these and I missed them because the toys seem to get on the floor or somewhere they should not be and I have to keep sterilizing them. This is perfect to keep the toys out of the way so we do not accidently take a bath with them. It seems to hold quite a few toys from rubber duckies to foam bath toys and learning bath toys. He can fit them all into this.